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WCOFun Alternatives for Your Best Anime Binge-Watch Session

Goodbye WCOFun: Alternatives For Your Best Anime Binge-Watch Session

During the initial years, life used to be hard for anime fans across the United States. Despite few initial shows making it to broadcast, they ended up with the US Studios either meddling with the editing or producing superficial dubs. By the early 2000s, anime fans struggling with the problem had finally traded illegally duplicate VHS Tapes.

Nevertheless, later, everything changed with the advent of legal, subscription video-based streaming services. Hence, if you are an anime fan, you must be aware of the platform WCOFun, that allows you to stream millions of hours of its content. So, if you want to stream anime or related content, we have brought these tested, highlighted services that serve as an alternative to WCOFun.

What is WCOFun?

WCOFun is a legal online streaming platform that collects a wide range of cartoons and anime that you can watch in HD and high quality without any cost. Meanwhile, this streaming service enables users to watch a wide array of anime, cartoons, and movies. Not only anime but you can find several series and films on this site. Moreover, according to its experienced users, its array of content makes the platform suitable for kids.

According to reviews and recommendations by its users, we can suggest that WCOFun is safe and legal. However, try browsing with enhanced protection to protect your PC or device from unwanted bugs.

In terms of legal protection, WCOFun is a legal platform that can be used without any hesitation.

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Reviews of WCOFun

According to several reviews provided by WCOFun, the platform is considered legit and safe to use. Meanwhile, if you are concerned about your query about whether WCOFun is listed on phishing and spam sites, the app is a credible platform that you can prefer for binge-watching animated content.

Moreover, according to the data collected by reviews, here are the pros and cons of WCOFun,

The website’s ranking is high, according to data collected by Trancko, a ranking-based website.The identity of the owner is hidden on WHOIS
Listed a Valid SSL CertificateRegistrar of the website, WCO, is named among scammers
An old website, somewhere proves credibilityN/A
An art and entertainment websiteN/A
Goodbye WCOFun: Alternatives For Your Best Anime Binge-Watch Session
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Best WCOFun Alternatives to Watch Anime and Cartoons Free

Scroll down to find the best websites like WCOFun.

1. AnimeDao

It is known as one of the top alternatives of WCOFun. With almost zero advertisements, AnimeDao is preferred by fans of animated series. Not only this, but an elegant user interface, and a relatively large collection of anime content makes it a worthy choice for enthusiasts.

2. Kissanime

Another platform to prefer if you are eagerly searching for an alternative to WCOFun. Nevertheless, according to sources, KissAnime has lost its presence in the platform adding to the news that the platform is no more. Nevertheless, soon after Kissanime was dismissed, a lot of platforms with a similar name emerged in the search engine.

Meanwhile, along with several features, Kissanime is a good alternative to WCOFun with a suitable and simple interface.

3. CartoonCrazy

Another website that adds to the list of WCOFun alternatives is CartoonCrazy. However, owing to an older interface and a boring list of content, it is not preferable to a list of anime fans. Not only a boring UI, but the platforms boast a list of anime that is either too old or does not rank in the list of popular anime.

4. Masterani

Ranking at number four in the list of WCOFun alternatives, Masterani contains a huge library of popular anime shows. Along with its versatility, it has a searchable UI and can be helpful if you are looking for a suitable genre.

Meanwhile, the platform has a download & watch later option. Hence, if you are on an Internet-saving session, you can prefer Masterani as the best choice.

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5. Chia-Anime

Another option to prefer over WCOFun is Chia-Anime. Although this platform has been reported multiple times due to its poor functionality, its diverse genre is what makes it unique and tempting. A user wrote about the platform, “I mean, I have it open right now in front of my eyes, and the first three programmes are Demon Slayer, Attack On Titan, and One Piece. How can you possibly overlook such a wonderful pool of anime?”

Besides this, Chia-Anime features a plethora of filters including genres, seasons, studio status, reviews, and so on. Hence, among the list of platforms, Chia-Anime can be a suitable alternative to WCOFun.

6. AnimeFreak

As its name suggests, AnimeFreak can be a suitable platform for your thirst for binge-watching anime-related shows. Meanwhile, the USP of the website is an impressive interface that will land you some of the best anime content like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Naruto Shippuden.

Hence, with its array of interesting content, it can be compared or mentioned to a platform similar to WCOFun.

7. AnimeBee

Another best wcofun Alternative to watch anime online in 2024. I’d want you to make a wild guess as to what the colour scheme for this website would be. Congratulations if you guessed yellow and black like a bee! Your sanity is comparable.


WCOFun is an entertainment and film-based website that mostly comprises anime content, and owing to the growing popularity of anime and manga, the website soon garnered popularity among enthusiasts.

However, in recent years, the competition has increased, and several websites that boast better quality and interfaces have taken over WCOFun. If you are also looking for a website that is comparatively better than WCOFun in terms of several parameters, we are here to help you. In this guide explained above, you can find several alternatives to WCOFun and their features that might help you in selecting the best anime platform. 

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