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Top Social Strategies To Consider For Gojek Like App

Top Social Strategies To Consider For Gojek Like App

Today, the penetration of smartphone applications is tremendously increasing among people from all over, as numerous solutions are launched daily in the market. The majority of users mostly prefer multi-service ones. Thus, many startup owners are compelled to switch their ventures online by getting such platforms created.

Numerous players in a specific sector are contributing to raising the demand for such solutions in the market. It includes Gojek, Grab, Hugo, and many other contenders. But, Gojek earned significant fame amongst all those firms in the multi-service vertical. It is because of the deeply researched social strategies implemented by a firm for its solution.

According to 2022 statistics, Gojek received 16.9% of social traffic from youtube. It indicates the substantial impact of their social strategies on people. So, if you, as a business admin, have received a Gojek like platform from technology partners and are willing to apply several social strategies for it? Then, here are some of them and the perks of implementing the same for a solution like Gojek mentioned.

Considering every section will assist you in promoting your venture effectively on Social media. 

Top Social Strategies To Check Out For Gojek like Solution

Social platforms have become one of the essential means for expanding the reach of an enterprise among people. Almost every smartphone user is busy spending most of their time on such applications. As per the 2021 report, there are 4.48 billion users utilizing social media apps. Thus, as a startup owner, you can market your venture among the massive pool of social users through a Gojek similar solution by implementing the following strategies stated.

The specific services/products/any other information regarding your enterprise can be posted on social media as an advertisement by spending some capital in different possible ways. It includes paying a specific amount to influencers, renowned marketing channels, etc. Doing so will assist your business in catching the eyes of maximum social users and force them to transform into customers of your venture by promoting it through famous personalities. It’s because users immediately trust the content being uploaded by public figures who are cherished the most. Hence, due to all the reasons mentioned, this strategy becomes preferable for your enterprise.

Post The Best Feedback Received

Among the various categories of social users, some of them are such who don’t trust instantaneously, and they always prefer to go through the previous reviews of several users before start utilizing an app for their daily purposes. So to attract them, you can also upload excellent feedback given by consumers about the particular services they have received from your solution. It will help your venture convince many users and secure their trust for accessing specific services. In short, it’s suggestible for you to post good feedback on social apps to attract the potential customers present on them.

Regularly Post Videos on Youtube

Nowadays, probably no one is fond of reading lengthy content about your enterprise. Instead, video content uploaded on YouTube has a much more significant impact on the audience viewing the specific content. It will assist users in better comprehending the message you are trying to convey, as it gives a personalized touch to users. In addition, it also makes it much easier for your viewers to get an idea about the type of enterprise you are running and the services you provide to them. It will increase the user engagement rate for a particular content uploaded on YouTube. So, from this discussion, it’s advisable to upload the videos on YouTube at consistent time intervals.

Using social media for marketing your venture effectively means you, as an entrepreneur, must use a range of hashtags. The users who are socially active utilize numerous hashtags and are aware of the latest ones used. So, it’s preferable for you to utilize the trending hashtags while uploading posts on social media. It will help your enterprise to appear on topmost suggestions in the search section of various social applications. Moreover, using hashtags will help to raise the visibility of your content posted on social apps.

Therefore, by implementing the social strategies discussed above, you, as a startup owner, can promote your multi-service app like Gojek effectively, which forces social media users to use your solution. Now, which numerous advantages your enterprise can gain by applying social strategies for Gojek similar platform are mentioned in the next section.

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Several Positives of Implementing Social Strategies in Gojek Clone For Your Business

The numerous benefits you get from following social strategies stated earlier for Gojek like application are mentioned following. Refer to each of them:

Better Brand Recognition

Observing the innovative content of your venture iteratively on social media helps your venture to earn popularity among users. It is because the advertisements pop up on their devices at a time, even when they are not planning of installing your platform to satisfy their purposes. Posting better infographics regarding a solution on social media will make your enterprise a renowned brand to them.

Enhanced Consumer Serviceability

Along with uploading a variety of content on social platforms, you will also be able to solve your customers’ queries easily. Putting freebies like quizzes, polls, asking different questions, and many other elements in stories or posts will help you know the problems your consumers face. Besides this, you can also respond to the numerous queries fired by users on your posts of social apps, as a majority of them would hope to get an immediate response from reputed organizations shown in the below figure. 

Increases Customer Loyalty

Typically, consumers only prefer the brands they trust the most. Thus, by promoting the Gojek similar app, you can likely bolster its usage among users. According to the survey by Marketing Dive, 90% of users prefer to buy things or access services from brands they follow on social platforms. So, it says that focusing on the social strategies mentioned earlier and raising the followers by numbers can assist your brand in getting more loyal customers.

Pocket Friendly

Marketing a solution like Gojek on social media seems pocket-friendly to some extent. Although paid promotions can be neglected, and apart of it, there are several methods in which you as an entrepreneur are not required to pay a single penny, as this application provides various features to access free of cost. Hence, marketing your business through social media proves to be an affordable way to promote the venture for you.

Ending Words:

On observing Gojek’s tremendous demand among people, you must be eager to know about the social strategies it follows. So, as a startup owner, you might be assisted by considering the social strategies on your platform similar to Gojek for gathering a massive user base on your application. Also, you might be inspired to apply them more effectively by reading the advantages of the same stated in this post.

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