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Click Into The Power of UGC Marketing on TikTok

Click Into The Power of UGC Marketing on TikTok

As the leading place for short videos and the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok has become a unique and powerful product. This is especially true for brands that are trying to engage with the younger generation. Brands can use social media scheduler to schedule their month worth videos in advance to ace the engagement rate.

But to get the most out of this platform, which boasts over a billion monthly active users, brands should take an organic, authentic approach to Tiktok UGC marketing.

What is UGC marketing?

In marketing, user-generated content (UGC) is content about a brand that is created by its users, rather than the brand itself. It’s a powerful content marketing strategy, especially with the recent rise in virtual marketing. This helps in online reputation management of the brand.

Customers trust users’ organic content more than branded content. So, UGC like photos, videos, and customer reviews provide valuable social proof and build credibility for brands looking to sell online. 

In fact, on TikTok, user-generated videos are 22% more effective than branded videos.

Not to mention, it is very expensive compared to other marketing methods. With the rise of social commerce, UGC can have a direct impact on sales through social channels. Naturally, retailers jumped on the trend with enthusiasm.

UGC vs. Influencer Marketing

Although UGC marketing is very similar to influencer marketing and offers similar benefits, it is not the same.

Influencer marketing involves a brand partnering with an influencer and paying them to create promotional content for the brand. UGC is automated content that creators are not paid for.

So instead of partnering with creators to create content, brands and marketers can create organic engagement opportunities.

How to Find Influencers on TikTok?

You can find TikTok influencers by:

  • Company specific hashtags
  • Find the people who mentioned you the most
  • Browse your customer/employee database
  • Use Google to find successful people in your industry

Why Promote UGC On TikTok?

Here we have listed the main reasons why you should start promoting UGC on TikTok.

Trust Is Step One For Every Emerging Brand

Building trust should be the first step when trying to stand out in a community like TikTok. In fact, you need to explain to your audience why they should invest in your brand or trust you.

Here, UGC plays an important role when they see people like them on your TikTok. This is how you catch them in the first place. Research shows that over 90% of consumers trust brands that include UGC in their marketing campaigns.

Grab other listeners

User-generated content helps you attract a larger audience. In a world where brands are busy creating marketing gimmicks and boasting TikToks, you are isolated from TikTokers. Why? Of course, user-generated content is unique and influential. 

It is likely that you will attract the attention of your audience when they see a TikTok created by someone like them, as they will find it more important than watching examples of air dancing and studio lights.

Build your brand community

Improve user engagement by prioritizing your customers and visibility by uploading user-generated videos to your Tiktok account.

In addition, it helps you to promote a community of your followers who will always be ready to create UGC for you on TikTok. Your TikTok account will be a repository of valuable content from users that can meet the needs of your representative community.

Duets is another amazing feature of TikTok that allows users to interact with anyone from TikTok. This opens up endless opportunities for brands, content creators, or any TikTok users who want to participate in this process. 

Duet not only takes content sharing to a different level, but also supports viral content sharing. This will not only improve your reach but also encourage users to engage with your content.

Start your TikTok challenge

The world of TikTok works around challenges. Whether it’s brands, celebrities, or actors, they continue to face challenges to create audience connections and encourage TikTokers to join them. 

One such initiative was taken by the fitness brand Gymshark. They offer unique challenges around the gym every month, where they share workout routines. They have managed to create a community of fitness enthusiasts who are ordinary TikTokers creating content for them.

UGC Campaign on TikTok: Best Practices

Choose a profile that matches your audience

Word of mouth marketing works if your influencers match your audience. If people don’t know who is doing what you choose, they won’t give them the time of day. 

Release selected accounts

Send these emotional messages that explain why they would be good for your brand. It’s a good idea to check in on some of their past work, because personalized posts have a high success rate. 

Agree on a relationship

Be sure to be clear about the purpose of user-generated content. Set specific expectations and benchmarks to measure results. 

Review the content

Don’t be fooled by likes, comments and shares. Remember to consider the conversion rate because the goal of the brand is to sell their products. 

Create your content calendar

All of this impactful content should be part of a creative advertising campaign. 

Repurpose TikTok videos to:

  • social media
  • Offline advertising
  • Advertising by email
  • Your website

Remember to have a comprehensive content plan when you are reposting these social media posts. A well-thought-out strategy for your UGC marketing strategy will make your brand stand out and encourage people to buy your product.

But don’t forget; The best way to get the most out of content creation is to get the right tools to get started.

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