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Finding the Right CRM Software in Canada: Top 12 Providers

Finding the Right CRM Software in Canada: Top 13 Providers

The most valuable resource for every business is its customers. Developing client loyalty for your brand’s goods or services is essential for ongoing customer engagement.

CRM (Client Relationship Management) does what its name implies: it helps you manage your relationships with customers, increasing client retention and profitability. You can use the data in the CRM to create new tactics and get a broad understanding of customer behaviour.

Businesses began integrating CRM over time to understand their consumers better, increase sales, and enhance customer service, supply chain management, human resource management, and many other activities.

Numerous businesses have created various CRMs that can assist in managing enormous amounts of customer data due to realizing the value of CRM in the industry. The top 12 CRM software in Canada are listed below.


Worldwide businesses can get specialized CRM software from It includes all the most recent features and updates. It provides the necessary resources and integrations to grow and enhance your company. For businesses that deal with plenty of sales and inquiries, CRM software is excellent. Even this software can be used singly or in combination to boost productivity and efficiency.

2. EngageBay

Built to help startups and small businesses succeed, EngageBay is a straightforward, inexpensive, comprehensive platform for marketing, sales, and service automation that includes a free CRM.

By automating standard, manual processes like emails and follow-ups, pop-ups, landing pages, and more, the marketing automation suite lets you save time, nurture your audience, and more.

You can keep track of deals and the sales funnel, manage your email contacts, and increase sales using free CRM and sales automation. Additionally, you can create long-lasting, meaningful customer relationships.

Finally, use the free live chat and help desk software to offer on-demand assistance to visitors to turn them into satisfied clients.

3. Maximizer

Maximizer CRM is a reasonably affordable CRM for small and large businesses. The most flexible CRM enables you to keep your entire client history and access it anywhere. (Maximizer all access licensing allows you to access data from any computer or mobile device as long as the connection to the internet is active.)

Depending on the requirements of the organization, Maximizer provides tailored CRM solutions. Additionally, they give us the choice of deploying the application in either their cloud or their own. Despite many features, the CRM is relatively straightforward to use.

4. Solve360

Another straightforward and user-friendly CRM and contact management platform that can help small and mid-sized businesses is Solve360 CRM. The Solve360CRM is a cleverly designed user interface that supports multiple platforms and can be utilized on a mobile device or tablet.

5. InfoFlo

Another effective CRM that is very reasonably priced is InfoFlo, which is renowned for being user-friendly. It offers fast, one-click access to the customer’s data. The CRM tool also enables the integration of Google Sync, Outlook, Calendar, Social Media, and other services. It also protects your data with built-in 512-bit encryption.

InfoFlo is excellent since you only have to pay once for lifelong access and unlimited free upgrades.

6. SugarCRM

Many businesses use SugarCRM, one of the world’s best and most popular open-source CRMs. Being open source makes the code available to clients so they can modify it to suit their needs. In contrast to many other CRMs, sugar CRM enables integrations, mobile usage, and straightforward customization in every edition.

One of the most popular open-source CRMs is SugarCRM, resulting from these features. SugarCRM offers different software for sales, marketing, and services. They have three distinct price tiers and a seven-day free trial period.

7. SageCRM

Sage CRM is ideal for small and midsized businesses because it is very customizable. It has a straightforward user interface, makes navigation simple and information access rapid. It enables connectivity with Key Sage, which will aid in gaining a thorough picture of customers. Sage CRM may be set up on-premises or in the cloud and is accessible for many mobile devices.

8. SalesboomCRM

Web-based CRM Salesboom offers economical customization and practical customer intelligence. You can choose one of its three programs based on the needs and size of your business. It can be easily modified because of its user-friendly interface. You may automate the marketing, sales, and other activities using Salesboom CRM, which is inexpensive and loaded with capabilities.

9. CRM Salesforce

As a market leader, Salesforce CRM offers some software platforms that can be used to track, manage, and automate customer and contact management, marketing, and sales. It may be modified to fit any size business. Salesforce also enables the creation of efficient reporting.

10. CRM Zoho

A reliable CRM, Zoho CRM has a user-friendly interface and a customizable, appealing dashboard. All crucial information is easily accessible through the UI with just one click. It is a feature-rich CRM that aids in managing customer connections and information and pipelines sales.

 Zoho CRM supports wide-ranging integrations, and when social media connection is used, it offers detailed information about user behavior and categorizes users based on that behavior.

11. CRM Hubspot

Numerous businesses worldwide have adopted Hubspot CRM, a complete CRM. Additionally, Hubspot provides three flexible and effective platforms to streamline sales, marketing, and services. Your firm would see a meteoric rise if you combined Hubspot CRM with the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub.

12. CompanyHub

CompanyHub, a CRM focusing on turning more leads into paying clients, will automatically remind you to follow up so you can take advantage of all opportunities. This CRM has many valuable features, like automatic follow-up recommendations, simple DIY automation and customization, and an integrated email productivity suite.

These features make the sales process entirely hassle-free. You can also utilize Zapier, Piesync, and API connection to connect multiple apps to complete a sales cycle to CompanyHub. Pricing: You can get the whole sales automation suite for just $24 per person monthly. Visit their pricing website for more details. Additionally, a 14-day free trial is available.

In addition to the ten mentioned above, numerous other CRMs can enable your Canadian business to optimize operations and improve customer relationships. Choose a CRM tailored to your company’s needs and watch your sales increase.

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