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How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories? A Troubleshooting Guide

How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories? A Troubleshooting Guide

Instagram, the social media app, has been adding many innovative features recently. One of them is you can remove the audio from videos before sending them in chats or adding them to your story. Meanwhile, this feature can be used by both Android and iOS users. Initially, we had to depend on third-party apps to edit the audio on a video; however, now you can directly use the feature ‘mute video’ on the app.

How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories?

For those who are unaware, turning off sound on the Instagram process is quite a simple process. However, in many users’ Instagram accounts, an enigmatic bug appears. As a result, the sound doesn’t go even after multiple attempts of muting it. Not only this but many users have observed that the sound-off button on Instagram stories is no longer functioning. Hence, if you are struggling with the same function, then read this article to know the reason behind it and how to resolve it.

If you continuously can’t turn off sound on Instagram stories, go for the following options,

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Re-install the social media app, Instagram

The initial troubleshooting app includes reinstalling the Instagram app. To give it a try, try these instructions,

  • Uninstall Instagram directly from tabs or go to the Play Store and uninstall it.
  • Soon after the app finishes its uninstallation, reinstall Instagram.
  • Try logging in with your credentials and check whether the sound issue still exists.

Meanwhile, deleting and re-installation of Instagram can resolve software-related bugs while pushing the app to work normally.

Use the Volume Option Available on your respective phones

  • Go for the volume button available on your particular Android/iPhone device.
  • Press the volume-less button until the sound gets muted.
  • Hence, this option offers a quick and accessible way to get rid of the volume while watching Instagram stories. Meanwhile, this option provides you with an easy solution if you are eagerly searching for “Instagram turn off sound on stories.”
How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories? A Troubleshooting Guide
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Go for an Update

There have been cases where several Instagram users couldn’t enjoy many Instagram features because they haven’t updated Instagram for a long time. In this case, go to the app store and search “Instagram.” Subsequently, you will come across two options, uninstall and update. Click on update and then try accessing Instagram sound features. There are possibilities that it will resolve the issue.

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Use the Sound Button App on Instagram

For those who are unversed, Instagram has an in-built sound option for stories and sharing posts. Hence, follow these steps for using the option,

  • In the top-right corner of the screen, access the audio controls by tapping on the sound button.
  • Meanwhile, tap on any reels to change the audio options.
  • Now, go for the silent or mute options. Hence, that will appear at the bottom right corner of the reel.
  • Lately, press the silent to disable sound for Instagram stories.

Moreover, this feature allows you to conveniently silence Instagram reels. Additionally, this will also regain control over the audio output.

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This initial Instagram feature allows you to mute videos before sharing them to your Instagram story or sending them to your connections/followers. This life-saving feature can be accessed from the video editing screen when one shares a video with their contact or followers.

However, it becomes annoying when you are unable to turn off the sound. Meanwhile, by following the above troubleshooting steps, you can easily regain control of your sound option and enjoy a noise-free social media experience.

Moreover, Instagram’s swift response to the experience bug signifies that the error has been solved several times by Instagram. Hence, with the solutions, you can adjust your social media experience according to your comfort.

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