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Indian Space Business: Spacetech Startup Inaugurates Testing Facility in Bengaluru

Indian Space Business: Spacetech Startup Inaugurates Testing Facility in Bengaluru
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On Monday, 15 January 2024, Spacetech startup Pixxel inaugurated its new assembly, integrated and testing facility in Bengaluru, Karnataka, according to reports.

Sreedhara Somanath, chairperson of the Indian Space Research Organisation, inaugurated the facility built in Northern Bengaluru. Meanwhile, the facility consists of a ‘clean room’ and testing area spread over 20,000 square feet, with the remaining spread over more than 50,000 square feet.

During an explanatory speech, Somnath restrained him from his early days building the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle for ISRO years ago.

Building a satellite is one thing, and building a business around it is a different thing. Every satellite has to be unique and the demands of the market change very quickly, even every three or four years, so you’ll have to be very dynamic to keep up with that. I’m sure your team will be able to build that niche over time (sic).” claimed Somnath.

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Besides, talking about the usage, it will be utilised to integrate and test Pixel’s satellites which will be further listed as part of projects like the Fireflies constellation and the Honeybees constellation. Along with it, Pixel are a part of projects and are made up of small satellites, used for imaging.

Reportedly, in 2019, the Google and Lightspeed-backed startup initiated its major operations while subsequently raising $36 Million during a funding round that took place back in June 2023. Meanwhile, in a conference, the company promised to launch six satellites in 2024, and 18 satellites by 2025.

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