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Indian Students Found Protesting at Algoma University, Canada; Know Reasons

Indian Students Found Protesting at Algoma University, Canada; Know Reasons
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Reportedly, last week, around 132 students who were mostly Indian, carried out a protest in Algoma University, Canada. Meanwhile, the protest took place after all of them failed in one subject of the IT Graduation course at the university.

The protest continued after international students from three other classes joined the protest outside the Algoma University campus.

Nevertheless, initially, it felt weird that you have failed a class and you are protesting. However, later, the students alleged unfair exam assessments.

Not only this but the Indian students said that it was not the first time when Indian students were declared to fail in one specific subject taught by a specific professor.

For those who are unaware, the motive behind failing students was explained by Mandeep. According to him, it is a money-making technique.

They know that students will get scared and will have to reappear for that subject, which means they will have to pay an additional exam or semester fee. They are generating money by such petty tricks, accused Mandeep, the convenor of Montreal Youth Students Organisation.

Now, during the protest, the involved student demanded an outside investigation into the college’s enrollment and grading process.

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On the contrary, the Algoma University’s council said, “In a class of 230 students, 32 have a failing grade. Those students have been offered an opportunity to write an aptitude competency exam at no cost to them, composed and graded by a different faculty member. The University will also continue its review, which will include reviewing students’ previous tests and assignments. We will continue to communicate with the impacted students. As a public university, Algoma University deeply values academic integrity. While we provide all students with a range of resources to support their success, it is up to them to do the work and pass their exams.

Following the statement, around 100 students were marked pass. However, upon receiving the transcripts, they will be confirmed by the International students.

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