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Rana Naidu Season 2 Out On Netflix? Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Rana Naidu Season 2 Out On Netflix? Here’s Everything We Know So Far
Source: Netflix

Rana Naidu is a Netflix original Indian action crime drama. Locomotive Global Inc. directs the series under their banner, with Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma in charge of creation and direction. The release took place on Netflix on March 10, 2023.

What is Rana Naidu about?

Rana Naidu, played by Rana Daggubati, is the series’ main protagonist. He makes a living by threatening, attacking, and exchanging cash with people on behalf of his clients. Naidu takes his work seriously and fixes everyone’s mess but his own. Not only this, but his connections with his family are irreparably damaged. His wife and two adolescent children can test anyone’s limits. Rana wants to be nothing like his father, Naga Naidu, and becomes worse than him. His estranged father, Naga Naidu, is back in his life after serving 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Will there be a Rana Naidu Season 2?

If you are one of the fans wondering when Rana Naidu season 2 is coming, fortunately, we have good news for you. Netflix India released an announcement video in April 2023. It states, “Rana Naidu Season 2 Coming Soon.” This assures that this time, the stakes are even higher. The first season received mixed responses from critics and the audience. In November 2023, Venkatesh stated,

This time, I will be much more careful. I intend not to offend anyone this time. Last time, people from our region got affected, but, I assure you, this time it will be good. However, it will have a tinge of mischief.

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Rana Naidu Season 2 Release Date

Venkatesh Daggubati, the actor playing Naga Naidu, faced questions about the release date for this season. On November 21, 2023, the actor announced during an event in Hyderabad that he would begin shooting in January 2024. He said,

I am about to begin filming for ‘Rana Naidu 2’ from January 2024. That Naga Naidu (Venkatesh’s character) is not a common man. People from around the world have been asking us to make the sequel of the web show. All the youngsters have watched it and are now demanding for second instalment.

Currently, there is no information about when second season of Rana Naidu will be released. Since Netflix released the announcement teaser in April 2023 and filming began in January 2024, the second season could be dropped anytime soon.

Rana Naidu Season 2 Cast

There is no official announcement of the cast of season 2 of Rana Naidu. Yet, it has been confirmed that Venkatesh Daggubati and Rana Daggubati will return to their roles as Naga Naidu and Rana Naidu for the second installment. Other cast members from the previous season can also repeat their roles, with some additional stars as well. These cast members of the first season are Surveen Chawla, Sushant Singh, Abhishek Banerjee, Gaurav Chopra, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Rajesh Jais, among others.

Rana Naidu Season 2 Out On Netflix? Here’s Everything We Know So Far
Source: Netflix

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Rana Naidu Season 2 Trailer

As addressed earlier in the article, the shooting for the second season is still in progress and hasn’t wrapped up yet. Therefore, fans will have to wait for the trailer for some more time. Meanwhile, the announcement teaser by Netflix assures us that season 2 will be more explosive than the first season. Nevertheless, we can get the official trailer for second season of Rana Naidu soon.

Source: Netflix India

Where can I watch Rana Naidu Season 2?

Since the show is a Netflix original, the second season will be released on Netflix. We don’t know when season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix; however, it is expected not to take much time.


From the article above, we can conclude that the series will definitely have a second season; however, the series creators and streamer have not confirmed the release date or other details yet. Meanwhile, you can easily binge-watch the first season of this thriller series on Netflix.

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