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Russian Doll Season 3 on Netflix: Will the Series be Renewed Further or Cancelled? Here’s What You Know

Russian Doll Season 3 on Netflix: Will the Series be Renewed Further or Cancelled? Here’s What You Know
Credit: Netflix

Here’s All The Information on Netflix Show Russian Doll, How the Second Season Fared, and Whether There is a Season 3.

Netflix series Russian Doll Season 2, premiered with a lot of hype on April 20, 2022. Although there is no clarity on whether the comedy-drama will be renewed for a third season. The second season had 7 episodes.

What is Russian Doll About?

Russian Doll was created by Natasha Lyonne and is led by herself and Greta Lee. The series shows the journey of Nadia, a woman who is caught in a time loop until she tries to figure out what is happening to her.

How Did Russian Doll Fare with Critics and Audiences?

Russian Doll’s both seasons received good reviews from critics and have more than 90 percent ratings on RottenTomatoes, with good IMDB Ratings. Hence, good ratings can result in the renewal of Russian Doll for season 3.

So, Has Netflix renewed Russian Doll For Season 3?

Netflix has not renewed Russian Doll for Season 3. Based on reports of viewership, the show is likely to be renewed. Although, it is speculated that Russian Doll season 3 is seeing a delay. Meanwhile, the ongoing Writers’ Guild of America Strike could also reason for the delay.

Russian Doll is one of the highest-viewed shows on Netflix in 2022 and is also popular on social media. Touted to be a good show, we can expect an early renewal of the American comedy show.

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Who Will Be Joining the Cast of Russian Doll Season 3?

Meanwhile, Russian Doll Season 2 was widely praised by viewers for its plot and stellar cast. Additionally, it is likely that Russian Doll Season 2 will have the same cast as the first season. The Season 2 cast includes,

  • Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov
  • Brooke Timber portrays young Nadia
  • Greta Lee as Maxine, Nadia’s friend
  • Yul Vazquez as John Reyes
  • Elizabeth Ashley as Ruth Brenner
  • Annie Murphy (recurring season 2) portrays a young Ruth
  • Charlie Barnett as Alan Zaveri
  • Chloë Sevigny as Lenora Vulvoko

Is There Any Trailer for Russian Doll Season 3?

The premiere date for season 3 of Russian Doll is anticipated to be in 2025. As a result, fans will have to wait for the highly anticipated trailer. 

Russian Doll Season 3 Plot

Throughout the episodes of Russian Doll, fans have been given a peek into Nadia’s time loop. With the introduction of a new plotline of time loops in Season 2, predicting what Season 3 has in store for viewers becomes more challenging. However, based on the track record of the show’s creators, we can anticipate an even more captivating and enthralling storyline in the upcoming season.