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The Changing Tide of CX In Telcos

The Changing Tide of CX In Telcos

Telecom companies did well despite the chaos caused by the global pandemic. Overall, telecom industry saw a 2% drop in revenue in 2020, compared to a nearly 8% drop in GDP for the region.

One of the most influential contributors to this statistic is the shift in what telecom customers want and expect from the industry.

As the demand for communication services skyrocketed throughout Europe, suppliers had to scramble to satisfy it. With the rise of the remote workforce, there was a corresponding increase in demand for improved security measures, higher performance benchmarks, and a consistently excellent user experience from telecom providers.

Customers want the same level of care and attention as we transition gradually into life after the pandemic. Therefore, successful networks must recognize the significance of the customer journey and use it to provide a satisfying experience.

Omni-Channel Changing The Telecom Customer Experience

Many operators nowadays provide poor customer experience, but omni-channel strategies can help address your concerns. The goal of Omni-channel is to give the operator a complete picture of the client’s experience across all channels and to maintain a consistent quality of service no matter whatever channel the customer chooses to interact with the company.

Here are some of how Omni-channel is enhancing the customer service experience:

  1. Using the customer journey map to pinpoint touch points across channels, you may better streamline the telecom customer experience.
  2. Get an overall view of customer profiles.
  3. Products and services can make timely recommendations to clients with big data analytics.

Personalization Improves CX

One component of the larger trend that all telco providers must address in terms of customer experience is using services and personalizing the buying experience. In reality, it’s easier to make an impactful consumer experience through personalization.

Because they lack the costs associated with maintaining physical locations and operating their networks, over-the-top (OTT) service providers can provide their services at far more competitive rates than traditional telecom industry.

Since pricing alone is not enough to differentiate service providers, personalization, contract flexibility, and security must be central to every operator’s offering. Overly aggressive price cuts might be bad for business.

Consumers’ expectations of brands have increased, making it necessary to create solutions specific to each customer through Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence In CX

The ability to develop AI technologies and incorporate them naturally into the user experience is another critical problem for all telco companies.

After all, only with “cognitive computing” techniques can customer service be enhanced beyond human skills by harnessing the power and precision of data analysis.

Machine learning lets you build more intelligent systems based on the information you give them over time. This feature is particularly well-suited to improving “automated” relationships like those maintained by chatbots, which mimic human conversation by drawing on a user’s history of interactions with the chatbot to anticipate their needs and provide more tailored responses.

Additionally, machine learning may help make the entire digital experience monitoring intuitive, adaptable, and more fluid to the ever-changing preferences of the client base.

Strategies To Help Improve CX

Let’s review some fundamental guidelines for enhancing customer experience management inside your business. The following recommendations are broad guidelines; you should carefully consider each and tailor them to your specific needs and objectives.

Understanding What The Customer Needs

To develop a successful CX strategy, learning about the various target audiences and their expectations is necessary. For instance, if the most common reasons for client interaction are inquiries about their account or troubleshooting, you may adjust your approach to meet their needs better. 

Delivering A Complete Omnichannel Experience

Over time, consumer behavior has shifted, and new technologies are primarily responsible for this change. Consumers look for reviews on online stores, websites, and other platforms rather than beginning their analysis with an actual product in a physical store. To reach your target audience, you must give them a consistent and enjoyable experience across all the channels they frequent.

User Data Will Empower Personalization

You can provide an excellent customer experience by blending human and automated support. However, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, let the data you gather help you tailor your offerings to each customer. One helpful perspective is to identify the traits highly valued by different subsets of your audience.


Multiple interactions between a customer and a telecom provider shape a customer’s connection with a provider. The statement “over time” is crucial since it implies that customer requirements, wants, and expectations can shift over time.

Creating meaningful interactions with customers at pivotal moments, such as the first anniversary of a product’s release, is essential for converting them from casual buyers into dedicated brand advocates. For the telecom industry, now is make-or-break time.

While the fundamentals of providing excellent customer service in the telecom industry will not change, the pace, methods, channels, and technology driving the industry are. A telco testing solution provided by software testing platforms like HeadSpin can help you develop high-performing apps for the telco industry. 

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