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Why Is In The Dark Season 5 Cancelled? What Went Wrong?

Why Is In The Dark Season 5 Cancelled? What Went Wrong?
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Why did CNN cancel In The Dark Season 5? The first instalment of the mystery crime drama earned favourable reviews and the fourth season was rumoured to have a greenlit before the series premiere. Yet, Netflix cancelled In the Dark Season 5. Clearly, something went wrong in June 2022 to release. Based on Netflix’s history of cancellations, In The Dark and its cast and crew may have been the victim of circumstance and unfortunate timings.

The In The Dark seemingly had massive pop-culture appeal because of its literary source material and quirky anachronisms. The storyline is fictional and follows the title character as she investigates the murder of her friend, Tyson. The case tackled by the In The Dark character was violent and disturbing, in addition to quirkily supernatural.

After the show debuted, it was reported that In the Dark Season 4 was greenlit based on its popularity, and the critically acclaimed series ultimately made Netflix’s trending title list. Despite this, as people know, In The Dark was cancelled.

Netflix Cancelled In The Dark Season 5

Netflix officially announced In The Dark Season 5 on May 13, 2022, but didn’t provide a specific reason. Lastly, the decision comes later after the Season 4 premiere, which aligns with the service’s usual timeline for announcements. According to a leading newspaper, the series was cancelled by CW due to the realisation that the show was no longer profitable. As a result, there is no chance that the show will be renewed for season 5.

Who was included in the cast members of Netflix’s In The Dark?

Besides the cancellation of the show, the cast has done an excellent job. All of the cast were acclaimed by the viewers. Meanwhile, the main cast includes,

  • Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason
  • Rich Sommer as Dean Riley (seasons 1–2)
  • Brooke Markham as Jess Damon (seasons 1–3)
  • Casey Deidrick as Max Parish
  • Keston John as Darnell James
  • Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell
  • Thamela Mpumlwana as Tyson Parker (season 1; guest season 4)
  • Derek Webster as Hank Mason (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Kathleen York as Joy Mason (season 1; special guest seasons 2–4)
  • Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace (seasons 3–4; recurring season 2)
  • Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens 
  • Marianne Rendón as Leslie Bell (season 4; recurring season 3

Meanwhile, Netflix continuously faces backlash due to its decision of cancelling several good series. In brief, the shows which got cancelled are Ozark, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sense8, GLOW, Mindhunter, I Am Not Okay With This, The OA, The Society, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Santa Clarita Diet, Dark, Tuca and Bertie and One Day at a Time. Consequently, the cancellation outraged viewers and some of them went ahead to create groups on social media to promote netizens for boycotting Netflix.


1. Will there be a Season 5 of In The Dark? 

The CNN cancelled after the show premiered its 5th Season on Netflix. On the other hand, you can watch the four seasons of In The Dark on Netflix.

2. Why did they Cancel In The Dark Season 5? 

The highly anticipated show was cancelled due to the merger of Warner Bros.

3. Where can we watch In The Dark?

 You can watch the entire season on Netflix.

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