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7 Ways to Make School Admission Process Easier

7 Ways to Make School Admission Process Easier

Every year hundreds and thousands of students apply for admission to schools during the admission period. The admission time is the most hectic and tiresome duration for both the school administration and parents, from filling out forms to organising documents there is so much to do. 
The whole admission process takes lots of time and effort from both sides, especially when every task is done manually. However, in today’s time of technology where software like a school management system is being used to manage most of the school’s tasks. 

There are several ways through which schools can make the whole admission process simpler for parents and less time-consuming for themselves.

This article informs about some of the ways using which schools can do so. Let’s know them.

1. Inform in Advance

It is the responsibility of the school management to inform the parents about all the admission-related details in advance. So that when the time comes for admission, parents have all the necessary documents with them. This will save them from unnecessary trouble during the admission procedure and the school administration will also get the right documents.

2. Centralize the Process

Some schools have several branches in different locations. And when the time comes for admission all of the branches are open for admission and are registering students. Although the branches of schools are different they operate united. And in such cases schools need to centralize their all procedures, from admission forms to document details, everything should be available on the official school website. Schools can use ERP systems to create one separate section for admission purposes only. This will help parents to fill out details and check the latest admission information easily.

3. Provide Assistance

There are lots of formalities that are needed to be fulfilled for admission and every step needs to be done without any error. Schools need to provide assistance and answer every query of parents related to admissions. There should be a dedicated counter or online page which takes parents’ queries related to admission and solve them as soon as possible. This will not only help the parents but will also save efforts on the schools’ side, as they don’t have to reject or work on any documents because of minor mistakes.

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4. Online and Offline Presence

In today’s digital era having an online presence is crucial along with offline. Schools were always present offline, but it’s high time to create an active online presence. This can be achieved by creating an official website and most importantly, by using school management software to manage every step of the admission process. This will positively help the parents to check the details and apply for admission from anywhere without waiting in long lines for hours.

5. Inform About Incentives

Along with informing about the admission details the school can also advertise and inform parents about the benefits provided by their school. You can use testimonials and feedback given by current students and alumni, and facilities provided by the school both academic and non-academic. This will give you an edge over other schools, using social media to show your school’s achievements is also a good way to inform and attract new students. 

6. Consult the Applicants

After the school has short-listed the students who pass the admission entrance exam and fulfill all the required criteria, consultation needs to be done. The school should hold consultation sessions with parents and students, individually and together. During the consultation, the school admin will be answering the parent’s questions and will also represent the school’s questions. The questions can be related to expectations from the school, how parents can contribute etc. 

7. After Admission Follow-Up

After a new student has taken admission and has officially become a student and part of your school, you need to do a follow-up with the parents. Ask them how their whole experience during the admission process, take note of the points where they faced any difficulty. This will show your diligence and sincerity towards them and the welfare of your students.


After you have talked with the parents and have taken their valuable feedback, improve. Improve your admission process wherever the parents pointed out.

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