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Top 10 Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023

Top 10 Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023

The world is full of beauty and refinement in various things, including people worldwide. Indeed, there are many stunning women in different parts of the globe, but one area sees an influx of many beauties in the USA. With the glamour and opportunities that major metropolitan cities like LA and New York offer, many of the top fitness beauties globally congregate in this location. 

So, who are some of the top fitness-related celebrities in the entertainment hub of America? Read this list of the top hottest American fitness models in 2023 to know more about them. 

1. Jena Frumes 

Jena Frumes

One of the most notable fitness models that people should check out is Jena Frumes. The American actress has one of the most gorgeous physiques in the fitness world and regularly focuses on keeping in shape. While she is dating the popular singer Jason Derulo, Frumes is a self-made woman with a wide range of Instagram following. 

Fitness is important to Frumes a lot, but she understands and prioritizes the need for a healthy diet as well. She enjoys food and holds a deep love for animals, as seen through her Instagram feed. Here, she features multiple photos of her pets and animals. 

2. Katya Elise Henry 

Katya Elise Henry Top 10 Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023

Another beautiful fitness model in the USA is Katya Elise Henry. Born on June 14, 1994, the dark-haired beauty from Minnesota currently does many different things. These include professions like an entrepreneur, health mannequin, and popular social media influencer. 

The young lady has a wide follower reach and posts pictures often of her curvy-fit physique in various fashionable outfits. As a social media influence, Henry mostly focuses on Instagram and keeps in touch with her followers. The fitness model is a mother of two and is dating Tyler Herro. 

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3. Karina Elle 

Karina Elle

One of the top hot American fitness models for many people is Karina Elle, who focuses mainly on fitness and fashion as two of her main focus areas. The stunning star is a multi-talented woman, handling different types of work over time. These include being an actor on social media, a gym teacher, and a model. 

In fact, Elle started her career in modeling when she was 16 after a photographer discovered her in a public area by chance. Later, Elle took part in various bikini competitions and is a strong advocate of healthy living. Indeed, this fitness queen of America uses her platform to provide health/fitness tips to viewers as well.  

4. Daisy Keech 

Daisy Keech Top 10 Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023

When it comes to discussing the best fitness models in the United States, Daisy Keech is another name that requires a method. The young social media influencer dominated the fitness-related sphere on different platforms. 

Through her account, Keech delivers different types of content to people related to fitness, providing useful tips and techniques. She has accounts on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and uses all three of her platforms to guide people on fitness. 

5. Paige Hathaway 

Paige Hathaway American Fitness Model

One of the most well-known fitness gurus and hottest American fitness models in the industry currently is Paige Hathaway. The American stunner is a leading advocate for healthy living and fitness improvements, working as a social media megastar and entrepreneur. 

Focusing on consistency is a major focus of Hathaway when it comes to exercising and staying fit. She works as a fitness coach and offers various people her support and expertise via social media. 

6. Whitney Johns 

Whitney Johns Hottest American Fitness Model

Whitney Johns is one of the hottest fitness models that originally started her career in the sports field. At the beginning of her fitness journey, Johns was heavily focused on weightlifting. Later, she decided to use what she had trained on and learned over time for guidance to other women. 

Currently, Johns works as one of the best American trainers and coaches for various people and has popularity as a fitness model. In the past, Johns has participated in the WBFF Pro. She also ranked second place as a bikini model in the 2015 NPC Grand Prix. 

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7. Jen Selter 

Jen Selter Fitness Model

Another well-known model from the United States that you should take note of is Jen Selter. She is one of the industry’s youngest and most experienced models, given her early start at 15 years of age. 

Selter enjoys a wide fan following on Instagram and is a notable fitness model for many who want to improve their own appearance. Her past experiences, i.e., being bullied in school, overcoming that, and growing into her own, have adored Selter to many people. 

8. Sommer Ray 

Sommer Ray Hottest American Fitness Models in 2023

Sommer Ray is one of the hottest American models, even at the young age of 23 years. The lady has grown in popularity over the last few years as a fitness model after years of intense practice. 

Ray is one of the top fitness models to engage with for many ladies. She has a sizable social media brand and owns the Sommer Ray Collection. 

9. Vanessa Serros

Vanessa Serros Hottest American Model

Another top fitness sport female model that you should focus on is Vanessa Serros. She works in different lines, like a social media influencer, health guide, and model, and has experience with bodybuilding. 

Recently, she mostly focuses on Instagram to increase her social media reach and promote better fitness processes for people. She shares different topics related to lifestyle, fitness techniques, and health tips. 

10. Ana Cheri 

Ana Cheri

This is one of the gorgeous American fitness models-actor examples from the United States. 

However, Ana Cheri is more than just a social media personality. The woman has worked as a businesswoman, gym owner, and TV personality and gained her massive fanbase through many sources. 

Cheri posts various pictures and tutorials for the viewers, suggesting how to maintain your body style better. She strongly believes in the importance of proper health care and fitness practices. Thus, Cheri provides her training and techniques to people through her mediums.


Indeed, all of these stunners are some of the gorgeous ladies in the industry today. From being celebrity crushes to inspirations for people on their fitness journey, these smart and hot fitness model of America have a large fan following, reasonably so. Follow these celebrities on their social media accounts to see their fitness tips, tutorials, pictures, and more. 

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